transferred a battered copy of looking for alaska from book crate to book truck today, the first copy i’ve come across that wasn’t a lucky day*.  i did a happy dance of nerdjoy.  additionally, abundance of katherines passed through a week ago, and there are now five (COUNT ‘EM. FIVE.) copies of the fault in our stars on the lucky day shelf.  so much nerdfighter happiness in me right now.

*a thing the library here does - they’re labeled specifically (and orangely!), and it really just means they’re popular and you can’t put them on hold or renew them.


This came in the mail today. #johngreen #booksmakemehappy (Taken with instagram)

jasmine star read looking for alaska.

guys, my world is imploding.

the taste of a book.

wine and sun and sweat and cigarette smoke.

it’s rather hot outside.



i could process photos (i suddenly have a giant stack to work on), develop brilliant characters (SPOILERS), or go through my clothes and things (i have a lot of both and it just needs to be done).



i’m going to blow it on netflix, assassin’s creed ii (I’M ALMOST DONE, GUYS), and reading brian jacques and john green.


alaska by ned by nymphandhobbit featuring reversible rings

i just finished the fault in our stars.

john, how are you so incredibly good at what you do?

oh yes, that whole 12 years to write the book probably had something to do with it.

now pardon me while i stare blindly out the window as i think and let my tea grow cold.







They’re making a movie of Looking for Alaska in 2013!!

No. They’ll just ruin it.

I don’t even think this is good news. Not at all. That book will be absolutely RUINED by Hollywood. It has too many levels.

ok, guys.  chill out for a second.

the book will not change.  john green’s writing will still be as brilliant and layered as ever.  john himself isn’t terribly worried about it, so why should you be?  true, a movie adaptation probably won’t carry as much weight as the book.  but look at lord of the rings, look at harry potter.  there are discrepancies from the books, but they are some of the best-loved films out there.  as a more pointed example, i would use casino royale.  i read the book, loved it, and watched the movie the next day.  there were some differences in the storyline, but the heart of it was true.  the characters and the interaction between bond and vesper were perfect.  so did it vary?  yes, but it was still a great movie.

i’d like to point out to you the last bit of john’s answer, the part where he says he’d be totally excited.  come on, guys.  alaska has been enough of a success to be made into a movie.  WE SHOULD BE FRICKING EXCITED BECAUSE THEY’RE REALIZING HOW AWESOME THIS BOOK IS.

so really, instead of griping about hypothetical differences and ruination, can’t we just be happy for john’s being a smashing success?

it just hit me that i’m actually going to the tour de nerdfighting.

pardon me while i have uncontrollable spasms of happiness.

john green novels, inspiring inside joke hilarity everywhere

i bought a pair of takumi brand knitting needles today.

i picked them off the rack and looked at the label and something in my brain shouted “i’m the motherf***ing fox!”

and then i started giggling in the middle of michael’s for no apparent reason.

important decisions

pre-order the fault in our stars or wait until it comes out and go hanklerfishing and yeti hunting?